GEOGRAPHY: plains with river.

TOWNSIZE:large city 21,600 approx.

GP LIMIT: 50,000

POWERCENTER: Lawful Neutral King

TAX: 10%


79% human
9% dwarf
5% halfling
3% gnome
2% elf

1% half-elf
1% half-orc

  • in my campaign dwarfs are a lot more common in mainly human citys. Many of them are exiled from their birthplaces by clan wars.
  • elves are rare in Karall because of the smoke from the forges damages their lungs over extensive time periods.

class demographic

RELIGION: There are many religions in Karall but most of the people don’t care. Those who do are mainly followers of St. Cuthbert. The reason for this is that there is a monastery dedicated to St. Cuthbert located just outside the city. In addition to Paladins keeping monster populations in check the monks have provided relief to the people during many plagues. Those who worship St. Cuthbert pay a 10% tithe to the monastery monthly.

SUPERSTITION: there is a superstition in Karall that carrying a part of any monster from the swamp 20 miles south of Karall will keep the spirits of the ether away. This superstition is completely wrong of course nothing can protect your life force from the spirits of the ether except for magic.

LAWS: magic is not allowed in markets or bars unless the character buys a 100gp license which still prohibits evokery and thought reading. There are mages in the city guard to help enforce these laws.

TECHNOLOGY: The city of Karall has a river running through it which allows for minimalistic water powered factories. They are used to make clothing and cut lumber but also to make weapons for the kings army. These Mass Forges as they are called make lower quality weapons then smiths but they are cheaper than hand forged weapons. They envelop the city sky in a constant cloud of smog. Because of this building are kept low to the ground. Building are mainly made out of stone because of city ordinances.

POLITICS: being a monarchy, there are very little politics in Karall. Nobles compete for the kings favor by making void promises to help fight the criminal element which has somewhat run rampant.


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